Public Notice for selection of Cyber Security Consulting Firms

Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA)
Public Notice for selection of Cyber Security Consulting Firms

To get enlisted in a roster of NTA as IS Auditor/Cloud Auditor

(Second date of publication – 27th January, 2021)


1.      Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA), regulator of telecommunications sector of Nepal, intends to maintain and publish a roster (standing list) of short-listed Cyber Security Consulting/Audit firms as IS Auditor/Cloud Auditor to accomplish the activity/task mentioned in Clause-55 and 57(iv) of Cyber Security Byelaw, 2077 (2020).

2.      The Consulting/Audit firms which are short-listed in the roster are expected to conduct the Information Security (IS) Audit or Cloud Security Audit of the Licensees (Basic Telecom, Basic Telephone, Mobile Operators, Network Service Providers, Internet Service Providers etc.) of NTA.

3.      The Cyber Security Consulting/Audit firms will be engaged by the Licensees according to their specific skills and experiences to provide specified services.

4.      The Consulting/Audit firms shall be short-listed in a roster (standing list) of NTA on the basis of the “Eligibility Criteria” specified in Annex-1. This is available in NTA website

5.      Therefore, NTA now invites the Cyber Security Consulting/Audit firms (National/International) who wish to get included in the short-list, to submit the documents listed below (Form-1 to Form-4) as part of their application/proposal in the format specified in Annex-2. This is available in NTA website

i.   Form 1- Letter of Application

ii.   Form 2- Applicant’s information

iii.   Form 3- Experience

iv.   Form 4- Capacity

6.      The Cyber Security Consulting/Audit firms must submit their application/proposal documents either in soft copy in email address:  or in hard copy in the office address given below within 15:00 Hrs (GMT+5:45) of 5th February, 2021. The documents submitted by the applicant must be signed by the authorized  person and all the documents must be either in Nepali or in English language.

7.      NTA reserves the right to accept or reject any application or to annul the whole process and shall be free from not only any liabilities incurred by any of the affected individuals or firms but also from any obligation to inform the individuals or firms of the ground for such action.



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