अनुमतिपत्र प्रक्रिया

General Guideline:

  • Basic Telephone and Mobile Services

New license for Basic Telephone and Mobile Services will not be granted till 2004 A.D.

  • Value Added Services

Anyone interested to provide value added telecommunication service should submit an application form to NTA. Separate forms are available for different services. These forms can be downloaded from NTA web site. A proposal containing the following information should be enclosed with the application form.

  • Financial aspect:
    •   Estimated Capital
    •   Proposed Investment
    •   Source of Investment
    •   Operating Cost
    •   Estimated Income
    •   Estimated Expenditure
    •   Estimated Profit/Loss
  • Marketing Aspect:
    •   Estimated number of customers for the service in an area where the specified telecom service is to be provided and the estimated market share of the proposed licensee.
    •   Roll out plan predicting the number of customers each year.
    •   Policy to be implemented regarding the service quality.
    •   Detailed time plan specifying the commencement of infrastructure setup and provision of service to customers after the procurement of license.
    •   Report of financial and technical studies carried out concerning the telecom service and work operation plan
  • Managerial Aspect:
    •   Experience in business sector, type of business activities presently involved in and date of involvement in business.
    •   Human Resource involvement in the operation of proposed telecommunications service with organizational structure.
    •   If the service will be operated by one or more parties/individuals, a copy of Agreement or Memorandum of Understanding between them.
    •   If the service will be operated with foreign organization/company in joint venture, a copy of Agreement or Memorandum of Understanding.
  • Technical Aspect:
    •   Model no, manufacturer, country of manufacture of the equipment to be used in the operation of the proposed telecommunications service and place where the equipment will be installed.
    •   Maintenance policy (eg. maintenance will be done by itself or by the manufacturer of the equipment.
    •   If frequency is to be used, description of the necessary frequency band and the method of the use of frequency.
    •   Location, method and type of the interconnection with other network (Microwave/Satellite/Cable etc.).

Application Fee: NRs. 100.00

More information on applying for license for different telecom services can be obtained from NTA.

Service Specific Guideline (available in Nepali only):

Separate Guidelines for each Value Added Services

Value Added Services General Licensing Procedure (in Nepali)

  1. Network Service (in Nepali)
  2. Pay Phone
  3. Trunk Mobile Radio
  4. Pre-Paid Calling Card
  5. Audio Conferencing
  6. GMPCS
  7. Internet & Email (in Nepali)
  8. Radio Paging
  9. VSAT User (in Nepali)