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///Welcome to NTA Website

Using liberalization policy and involving the private sector in a competitive environment for the development and expansion of telecommunication sector in Nepal, the then Government of Nepal ‘s (cabinet) decision dated 2052/9/10 B.S. (December 25, 1995 A.D.) has initiated the involvement of the private sector in the development of the telecommunication services.

To make this work more systematic and regular, Telecommunication Act 2053 B.S.(1997 A.D.) and Telecommunication Regulation 2054 B.S. (1998 A.D.) has been implemented as a legal support and with the obligations in aforesaid Act and Regulation, work has been initiated by establishing Nepal Telecommunications Authority as an autonomous regulatory body on 2054-11-20 B.S. (March 4, 1998 A.D.).

  1. To make the telecommunications service reliable and easily available to the public.
  2. To make necessary arrangement to avail basic telecommunications service and facilities in all rural and urban areas throughout Nepal.
  3. To protect the rights and interests of consumers by ensuring the provision of quality service.
  4. To make arrangement for the coordination and healthy competition among the persons providing Telecommunications Service and facilities.
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