Stakeholder Consultation on Cybercrime Legislation

///Stakeholder Consultation on Cybercrime Legislation

ITU- NTA Cybercrime Legislation

Stakeholder Consultation Agenda

7-11 August, 2017

Kathmandu, Nepal


The purpose of the consultations is to include the views of different stakeholders including but are not limited to Government Ministries/Agencies, Regulators, law enforcement agencies, security agencies, Judiciary and Legal representatives, Private Sector Companies, other Stakeholders from relevant associations, academia, regional organizations, civil society, etc. into the process of drafting new Cybercrime legislation.

The main objectives of the activities course are to:

Familiarize the stakeholders with the current status of Cybercrime legislation in Nepal as well as benchmarks

Present potential areas of improvement and suggestions how gaps could be closed

Discuss with stakeholders the gap identification and suggestions

Collect input from the stakeholders

Medium of Instruction

The consultations in Kathmandu will be carried out in English.