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Mobile Telephone tariff of Spice Nepal (P)Limited

1 Note:   1) All incoming calls are  free. 

S.N Particular Tariff rate (Rs./ minute)
  POST PAID Own net work
(A) Domestic call (National)  
1 Mero Mobile Post paid to any Mero Mobile ("Standard")        3.00
3 Mero Mobile post paid CUG to any Mero mobile number belonging to the same  
  CUG for national call unlimited free of airtime charges calls within CUG members:*  
          Up to 10 members   :  Monthly Rate Rs 250/CUG member  
          Up to 25 members   :  Monthly Rate Rs 500/CUG member  
          Up to 50 members   :  Monthly Rate Rs 750/CUG member  
          Up to 100 members   :Monthly Rate Rs1000/CUG member  
  * This Tariff is applicable to only those listed in CUG  
(D)  International calls (ISD)  
Outgoing call from Post paid mobile
1.1 Mero mobile to INDIA  
  Peak hours      06.00-20.00 23.00
  Off Peak hours 20.00-06.00 18.00
1.2 Mero Mobile to SAARC Countries excluding INDIA 28.00
1.3 Mero Mobile to Other Countries with "00" Code Access 53.00
1.4 Mero Mobile to Other Countries with "1425" Access code 28.00
(C) Short message Service  
1 Mero Mobile Post paid to Mero mobile and NDCL mobile  
  All over Nepal Rs 1/mes.
2 Mero Mobile Post/Pre paid  to International SMS Rs 10/mes.
            2) The above rates are exclusive of 10% Telecom service charge  and 13% VAT .  
   3) Pulse duration  is  20 second   

New Prepaid Mobile tariff of SNPL

S.N Description Tariff Rate Rs /min
1 Call charge  
  Incoming Calls  Free
  (A) National Call  
  Mero to Mero mobile 1.99
  Mero to Mero mobile( Friends and Family Members)** 0.99
  Mero to NDCL GSM/CDMA,UTL-LM(with roaming) 3.99
  Mero mobile to NDCL PSTN/CDMA fixed.and UTL fixed 3.49
  (B) International calls  
  SAARC countries (excluding India) 26.99
  Asia,USA and Other countries 51.99
  Peak hours      06.00-20.00 21.99
  Off Peak hours 20.00-06.00 16.99
  Budget call 1425/1445 Excluding SAARC countries 26.99
2 SMS service  
  Mero to Mero Rs.1/message
  Mero to other network Rs.2/message
  International Rs.10/message
         All above rates are excluding Govt. Taxes.  


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