Speech by MoIC Secretary at the concluding and Final Acts signing ceremony (WCIT-2012,UAE,Dubai)

///Speech by MoIC Secretary at the concluding and Final Acts signing ceremony (WCIT-2012,UAE,Dubai)


Mr Chairman
We also join other distinguished delegates in expressing our sincere appreciation for all the efforts and endeavors you and the Secretary General made tirelessly in a spirit of cooperation and coordination among all the delegates to reach a consensus for a win-win outcomes. We are also thankful to the Government of UAE for the hospitality extended to us.
We had from the beginning a kind of premonition that the conference could not achieve its goals. We always started with the paradigm of fear and mistrust rather than starting with paradigm of hope and trust. We never debated on principles and outcomes-the implications of putting one text or its proposed alternatives. For many of the delegates-the whole discussions were incomprehensible. We are highly disheartened by the fact that we could not bring the ITRs as an outcome of consensus through this conference. For an “ inter-connected “ world in the 21st century this outcome should not prove to be a hindrance. There are issues which cannot be addressed in isolation. An individual member state or a region cannot address issues of global nature. We require a holistic and integrated approach to create symbiosis and synergy for mutual benefits.
But we live in shared hopes and optimism and still believe that irrespective of the outcomes of this conference, all the member states will work together in the true spirit of ITU and make Telecommunications and ICTs accessible for all the citizens of the world. 

Thank you.

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