Request for Expression of Ineterest for Study of Market Potential of Mobile Telecom Service in Nepal

///Request for Expression of Ineterest for Study of Market Potential of Mobile Telecom Service in Nepal

(Related with Decision No. 1801/2066/9/9)
Request for Expressions of Interest (EOI)
Study of Market potential of Mobile Telecom Service in Nepal

Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) intends to engage Companies/Research Agencies/Institutions to conduct a study on current Nepalese mobile telecommunications market and advise on the necessity or otherwise of an additional mobile operator (the study).

NTA therefore requests for Expression of Interest (EoI) from Companies/Research Agencies/Institutions with institutional and personnel experience of at least 5 years and registered in the VAT. Detailed Terms of References (TOR) can be obtained from NTA or its website. Those interested can submit EOI with a covering letter comprising a comprehensive profile with a portfolio of relevant experiences, and CVs of team members who will be involved in the study to the address mentioned below

The application must be accompanied by a bid security of NRs. 25,000.00 (Twenty Five Thousand Nepalese Rupees) valid up to 11th April, 2010. The sealed Application shall be delivered to the NTA at the address below no later than 1500 hours on 11th January, 2010. If the closing date happens to be a holiday the next working day will become the closing date. Late applications will not be considered. Application duly received will be opened at 1500 hours on the closing date in presence of the applicants’ representatives who choose to attend at the address mentioned below.
NTA reserves the right to reject or accept any of the application or parts thereof without assigning any reasons whatsoever.
Interested parties may obtain further information from the NTA,

Contact Person
Mr. Deepesh Acharya
Deputy Director
License Section

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