Notice for Type Approval

///Notice for Type Approval


Notice for Type Approval

Two documents namely

1.     Radio, EMC, SAR, Safety Test reports/Certification by the manufacturer or the authorized representative of the manufacture from the country of manufacture/origin.

2.     Type Approval Certificate issued by at least one of the international bodies (Annex – 1) or at least one of national /territorial authority body (As Annex – 2)

of “Type Approval Working Procedure for Customer Premises Radio Telecommunication Equipments-2012 [TAP-02]” has been made optional for getting a type approval certificate as per the instruction from the Ministry of Information and Communication (MoIC) effective from 2069|06|12 (September 28, 2012) to 2069|10|11 (January 24, 2013).

Further, the applicant should also submit the Declaration of Conformity (Please click this link):Declaration of Conformity 


Nepal Telecommunications Authoririty(NTA)

5th Floor,Bluestar Complex 




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