Invitation for Expression of Interest (EOI) for Launching satellite in the Orbital positions allocated to Nepal by ITU

///Invitation for Expression of Interest (EOI) for Launching satellite in the Orbital positions allocated to Nepal by ITU

Nepal Telecommunications Authority

Kamaladi, Kathmandu, Nepal

Invitation for Expression of Interest (EOI)


Launching satellite in the Orbital positions allocated to Nepal by ITU

First Date of Publication: 6 October 2016


Two orbital slots namely 50 degree east and 123.3 degree east have been allocated to Nepal by ITU on a planned basis since 1984. Nepal’s assigned orbital slot in Appendix 30 B (Allotment Plan) of the Radio Regulations is at orbital location 123.3° East longitude.  This allocation in the FSS Plans includes 500 MHz in ku-band (10.7 – 10.95 GHz, 11.2 -11.45 GHz in space to earth direction and 12.75-13.25 GHz in earth to satellite direction) and 300 MHz in C-band (4.5 – 4.8 GHz in satellite to earth direction, and 6.725 – 7.025 GHz from earth to Satellite direction).

Similarly, Nepal has been assigned an orbital slot in the BSS Plan (Appendices 30 and 30A of the Radio Regulations) located at 50° East longitude. This allocation in the BSS Plans includes 12 channels in the band 11.7 GHz – to 12.2 GHz in space-to-earth direction and 14.5 – 14.8 GHz in earth – to – space direction.

NTA now invites expressions of interest (EOI) from competent international firms to undertake the launching and operating of satellite in the orbital slots allocated to Nepal by ITU. The main objectives of the assignment are to understand the international and domestic legal and regulatory framework (including ground segment) and associate modality in connection with the launching of satellite, launching a dedicated satellite and also for partnering with a satellite operator for usage of Nepal’s orbital rights, operation and maintenance of the satellite launched within the prescribed commercial terms and conditions.

The eligible interested applicant can submit the EOI with the duly completed information as specified in the Terms of Reference (Terms of Reference ) of this EOI which can be downloaded at NTA website

NTA plans to engage the eligible international firm to take care of all aspects of the project, including to assist the NTA/GoN in overall support, survey, design, procurement, implementation, operation & Maintenance of the satellite launched in the Orbital positions allocated to Nepal by ITU on behalf of the GoN.The scope and requirement will however be more detailed in a second stage invitation with Request for Proposal which will be circulated to only shortlisted firms upon evaluation of EOI submissions. Firms will be shortlisted based on their demonstration of technical and financial capability and other relevant provisions attached in the EOI document.

The EOI one copy in original and one in copy shall be delivered to the following address no later than 15:00 hrs (Local time) on or before 21 November, 2016.

  EOI delivery address:

The Chairman, Nepal Telecommunications Authority

ShreeKunj Sadan , Kamaladi, Kathmandu, Nepal

Telephone No. : +977-1-4255474, 4256054, Fax: +977-1-4255250; e-mail:

Further, clarification can be asked to the NTA at the address given between 10:00 to 17:00 hrs on or before 11 November 2016 on working days (except public holidays) and responses to the clarifications sought will be provided by 16 November, 2016.

NTA reserves the right to accept or reject applications made pursuant to this request at its own discretion without assigning any reason whatsoever.


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