Invitation for EOI Registration as standing list of the consulting services FY2074/75

///Invitation for EOI Registration as standing list of the consulting services FY2074/75

Nepal Telecommunications Authority
Invitation for Expression of Interest
Registration as standing list of the consulting services
(First date of publication August 21, 2017)


Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA), the telecom regulator of Nepal, intends to maintain a roaster of experts/consultants for the following services in telecommunication sector regulation from which individual consultant will be selected as and when required. Individual consultant will be engaged according to their specific skills and experiences to provide specified deliverables.
NTA seeks consulting services in the following telecommunication sector regulatory issues:
i. Quality of Service and Interconnection;
ii. Numbering and Standardization;
iii. Research and Development of different telecommunication technologies and services;
iv. Legal and Licensing;
v. Economic Analysis and Consumer protection;
vi. Billing Authentication and Billing Audit;
vii. Monitoring and Enforcement;
viii. ICT/ Software Development and study;
ix. System Analysis and Design;
x. Universal service obligation (RTDF) related project development , Management and monitoring;
xi. Telecommunication Infrastructure Development and standards;
xii. Frequency and Satellite Orbital Slot Management
xiii. Telecom Services
xiv. Building Design and Consultancy
xv. Audio/ Video Documentary
NTA now invites Expression of Interest from individuals as independent consultant or a consulting firm who wishes to be included in NTA roaster to indicate his/her interest in providing services in one or more of the aforementioned fields and submit his/her customized CV/profile and categorically mention the regulatory issue (s) for which the consultant has required qualifications and experiences and substantiate the same through references. An individual applicant shall have Academic qualification of at least Bachelor’s Degree in the relevant field and have at least three years experience in related field. The applicant shall have registered
in VAT as per the rules and regulation of Government of Nepal. In case of firm/Institution/company the applicant shall provide the organizational profile including but not limited to work experiences in similar type of works, qualifications with references, institutional facilities and capabilities including staffs’ skills. The firm/institution/company shall have the Company Registration Certificate, Value Added Tax Certificate, Tax Clearance Certificate for the fiscal year 2072/073 , and submit the attested copy of the same to the NTA. The standing list will be valid throughout the fiscal year 2074/075. An eligible applicant shall submit the application to register as standing list for the consulting services with the aforementioned details by an individual expert/person/firms/company in the following address within 4th September, 2017.NTA reserves the right to accept or reject any applicant or to annul the whole process and shall be free from not only any liabilities incurred by any of the affected individuals or firms but also from any obligation to inform the individuals or firms of the ground for such action.

Nepal Telecommunications Authority
Kamaladi, Kathmandu, Nepal
POBox 9754 Email:,

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