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Mission To create the optimum conditions for the development of telecommunications sector in Nepal by serving the public interest in terms of quality, choice and value for money; healthy competition among service providers and the nation in its drive for socio-economic advancement through efficient private sector participation. Vision Regulate acceptable quality of telecommunications services of [...]

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Functions, Duties and Powers

The functions and duties of the Authority shall be as follows: - To provide suggestions to Nepal Government on the policy, plan and program to be adopted by Nepal Government for the development of the Telecommunications Service. To make the Telecommunications Service reliable and easily available to the public. To make necessary arrangement to avail [...]

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About Us

Nepal Telecommunications Authority is the telecommunications regulatory body of Nepal. It is an autonomous body established on Feb 1998 in accordance with Telecommunications Act, 1997 and Telecommunications Regulation, 1998. It's objective is to create a favorable and competitive environment for the development, expansion and operation of telecommunications services with the private sector participation in Nepal. [...]

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