NTA Members

//NTA Members

As per the clause 5 of the Telecommunication Act 1997 A. D. , the Authority shall consist of five Members including the Chairman who are qualified and experienced, as prescribed in the technical and administrative, market management, accounts and auditing or legal field relating to the Telecommunications Service.

Nepal Government shall constitute a committee comprising of experts from the related sectors, to make recommendation for the appointment of the Chairman and Members of the Authority and Nepal Government shall on the recommendation of the said committee appoint the Chairman and Members of the Authority.

The Authority may, if it deems necessary, invite any expert to participate in the meeting of the Authority an observer.

The Officer designated by the Chairman from amongst the employees of the Authority shall act as the Secretary of the Authority.

The current members of the Authority are:


Name Designation
Mr Purushottam Khanal Chairman
Mr. Ram Mani Duwadi Member
Mr. Gokarna Prasad Sitaula Member
Mr. Rabindra Jha Member