License Application Form

//License Application Form

( Relating to sub-rules (1) and (2) of Rule 7)

Application to be submitted for Licence

The Nepal Telecommunications Authority,


I have submitted this application setting out the following details to obtain licence to operate the following telecommunications service.

(1) Person desiring to obtain licence :-

(a) Name :-

(b) Address :-

Permanent :-

Temporary :-


(2) Type of telecommunications service :-


(3) Required to operate telecommunications service :-

(a) Estimated Capital :-

(b) Proposed Investment :-

(c) Source of Investment :-


(4) In regard to telecommunications service :-

(a) Date of Commencement of work :-

(b) Date of completion of work :-

(c) Projection of demand and supply of service :-

(d) Network expansion :-

(e) Description of technology to be used in the network :-

(f) Standard service to be provided :-


(5) Of telecommunications service :-

(a) Manufacturer :-

(b) Country wherefrom import is made :-

(c) Quality standards :-


(6) Frequency intended to be used :-


(7) Date on which the telecommunications service can be provided to the customer :-


(8) Region where the telecommunications service is to be operated :-

(a) District :-

(b) Municipality/V.D.C. :-

(c) Ward No :-


(9) Details of annual profit/loss etc. to be earned or incurred while operating the telecommunications service :-

(a) Approximate operation expense :-

(b) Approximate income :-

(c) Account of profit and loss :-

(d) Tariff rate :-


(10) Documents to be submitted along with the application :-

(a) Copy of the Citizenship Certificate, in case of an individual wishing to obtain the license.

(b) Name of body corporate and documents, showing its legal status, in case of a body corporate wishing to obtain the license.

(c) Documents relating to technical competency and professional efficiency.

(d) Work operation plan and financial and technical study report.

(e) Matters stipulated in the public notification published by the Authority or prescribed by Nepal Government by notification published in the Nepal Gazette according to the Act.


Seal of body corporate Applicant’s :-

Signature :-

Name :-

Address :-

Date :-